IntelliCAL PHC705 RED ROD General Purpose pH Electrode

Product #: PHC70501
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High performance Red Rod technology now available for the digital HQD platform

IntelliCAL PHC705 is a digital, combination glass-body probe with a refillable KCl reference and built-in temperature sensor. The PHC705 utilizes Red Rod technology to deliver exceptionally fast response times and stable, accurate measurements. It has a porous pin junction and is ideal for measuring pH in a variety of laboratory applications.

  • Red Rod technology provides fast, accurate and reproducible measurements
  • Red Rod reliability when measuring challenging samples over wider temperature ranges
  • IntelliCAL™ digital probes can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings
  • IntelliCAL™ digital probes provide ultimate traceability in measurement history
  • Wide temperature range up to 100 °C