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Intellical™ LDO101 Laboratory Luminescent/Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor, 1 m Cable

Intellical™ LDO101 Laboratory Luminescent/Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor, 1 m Cable
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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Determination of oxygen in wine
  English UK 728 KB 2008-07 Jul08
Disinfection of LDO electrode
  English UK 164 KB 2014-12 Jun14
DO Control in Sludge Digestion Process, by Mike Rousey
Application Solution
  English US 127 KB 2006-10 Ed1
Electrochemistry Theory and Practice
  English US 3 MB 2018-12 Dec18 Ed3
Poster: Troubleshooting + Maintenance of LDO and Clark Probes
  English UK 508 KB 2016-09 Sep16
Process Factors Affecting Proper Aeration Basin Control. Many components are involved in the delicate balance of the micro-universe contained in an aeration basin.
Application Note AN-D3
  English US 134 KB 2014-01 Ed1
Save Money by Controlling Dissolved Oxygen in the Aeration Basin. Maintaining proper concentration of dissolved oygen is necessary to keep microorganisms alive for breakdown of organic waste.
Application Note AN-D2
  English US 139 KB 2013-01 Ed1
Technical Note: ISO 17289 New norm for optical measurement method to determine dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions
  English UK 195 KB 2014-09 Sep14
Technical Note: Long-term use of the LDO probes in concentrated NaOH
  English UK 617 KB 2015-03 Mar15
Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis Solutions for POWER GENERATION
  English US 1 MB 2016-10 Mar16
Complete Water and Product Quality Analysis<br />Beverage Industry
  English US 7 MB 2017-12 Nov17
The best solution for accurate results in all applications - HQD meters and high performance pH electrodes
  English US 328 KB 2015-08 Aug15
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis Solutions for Power, Heat & Steam Generation
  English UK 964 KB 2018-12 Oct18
HQD Digital Meters and Intellical™ Probes Data Sheet
  English US 809 KB 2017-11 Rev9
Guides Type Language Size Date Edition
Hach Laboratory Quick Guide for Power Applications
  English US 578 KB 2015-11 Nov15
Measuring Chloride in Power Applications
  English US 707 KB 2018-02 Jan18
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
Basic User Manual: LDO101 Dissolved Oxygen
  English US, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai 981 KB 2013-05 Ed 2
Technical Note: Dissolved Oxygen Measurement – understanding O₂ measurement results
  English UK 230 KB 2014-08
User Manual: Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Probe Models: LDO10101, LDO10103, LDO10105, LDO10110, LDO10115 or LDO10130
  English US 542 KB 2013-05 Ed 2
основен прирачник за корисникот: LDO101
  Macedonian, English UK 737 KB 2018-01 May13 Ed2
Methods/Procedures Type Language Size Date Edition
Dissolved Oxygen, Direct Measurement, Method 10360
  English US 205 KB 2015-03 Ed 8