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Intellical™ CDC401 Laboratory 4-Poles Graphite Conductivity Cell, 1 m Cable

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Laboratory and field probes for use with HQD meters.

Intellical™ CDC401 is a digital, graphite, 4-pole conductivity cell with a temperature sensor. The laboratory version is available with a 3 or 1 m cable. The CDC401 is ideal for measuring electrical conductivity, salinity, resistivity, or total dissolved solids (TDS) in wastewater, drinking water, or general water quality applications.

  • Intellical™ digital probes provide ultimate traceability in conductivity measurement history
  • Intellical™ CDC401 digital conductivity probes alert the user when re-calibration is needed
  • Intellical™ CDC401 digital conductivity probes can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings