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Textile Industry

The Right Perspective for Operational Efficiency

At Hach®, we believe it is vital to measure the key parameters of your textile plant by application. This approach ensures that you’ll have accurate, reliable water analysis data that allows you to manage your process and equipment with the highest confidence and efficiency.

We have the ability to provide real-time feedback loops and process control systems, online monitoring for your KPIs and the manufacturing process. Our holistic, application-based approach encompasses the full life cycle of textile production, from influent to effluent, gray fabric to wet processing, and wastewater pre-treatment to reuse water – including the garment manufacturing process itself. And our global team of experts is ready to assist you with new, innovative solutions that meet the constantly changing needs of the textile industry.

Featured Applications for the Textile Industry


Take charge of the variability of your textile source water, minimizing variations in ionic and hardness levels and monitoring Total Suspended Solid (TSS) content to know the quality of your water coming in to prevent dye and finish variations, color shifts, and rework.


Hach provides a holistic, application-based approach that is critical to maintain textile product quality as well as process efficiency. Full monitoring of key parameters such as water hardness and alkalinity protect your process and end product from gray fabric to finishing. 


With changing regulations—including greater emphasis on microparticle characterization and qualification, microplastics, and microfibers, benzene and antimony discharge—as well as wide variation by region, keeping up with textile plant wastewater compliance standards requires a complete portfolio of analysis tools as well as a team dedicated to providing new solutions to new challenges.

Featured Products for the Textiles Industry

See our water analysis solutions by equipment and parameter:



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