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Power and Steam Generation

Efficiency, Meet Reliability

Hach® understands the critical role water plays in power plant efficiency and, ultimately, profitability. For more than 85 years, we’ve led the way in water quality analysis, delivering an expertise you can rely on for water system monitoring, verification, and protection that keeps your plant online and efficient.

For decades, the power generation industry has turned to Hach for expert solutions and support—from purification to power plant pollution prevention, Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) to process monitoring and laboratory verification. In short, with Hach, you get results that are consistent, verifiable, and powerful.

Efficiency made complete

We offer the most comprehensive suite of water solutions for the power generation industry, helping you reach, improve, and maintain your efficiency goals. Our reliable and accurate solutions for ultrapure, pure, and non-pure water parameters serve the diverse needs of fossil power plants, nuclear power plants, cogeneration, and heat and steam production.

Proven protection

With our laboratory, online, portable, and on-site solutions, we help you protect against power plant water pollution, contamination, corrosion, scaling, and fouling, and ultimately, keep your workers, operators, and equipment safe. With less labor, narrower error ranges, more accurate results, Hach provides trusted measurements to assist power stations and their water management partners as they strive to improve efficiency in within all areas of your power plant.

Maintenance and verification

We offer the field equipment and industry expertise to minimize monthly power plant maintenance while holding true to both water quality requirements and verification protocols, which can help you improve the thermal efficiency of steam power plants and increase uptime.

Featured Applications for the Power Generation Industry

Influent water treatment

Pretreat influent water before it enters your plant’s system. Proper influent water monitoring is the first defense to protecting the health of your equipment and preventing corrosion. By properly treating water at this stage, you can reduce costs and treatment within the power and steam generating process.

Steam and power generation

Protect your equipment – from pipes and tubes, to turbines and boilers – by ensuring your water is of the highest quality. Minimize silica levels to prevent turbine blade erosion, and monitor and manage dissolved oxygen (DO) to prevent corrosion.

Cooling water

Ensure heat transfer processes are as efficient as possible by effectively controlling total suspended solids (TSS) to avoid the expense and downtime associated with fouling and mineral buildup that can cause scaling and hazardous operating conditions.

Industrial wastewater

Ensure compliance with all discharge requirements. Our industrial wastewater solutions help you minimize environmental impact and ensure compliance with permits.

Resources for the Power Generation Industry

Sodium concentrations in cooling reservoir and boiler-cycle water need to be monitored and managed for process efficiency and preservation of infrastructure in steam generation facilities

Sodium Analysis with Better Benefits

Learn how sodium analysis with the NA5600sc can allow operators to monitor potential breaches between their cooling reservoir and boiler-cycle water, and eliminate the use of hydrofluorosilicic acid for electrode reactivation.

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Silica concentrations need to be monitored and managed in all phases of the steam/water cycle, reducing the risk of costly plant shutdowns and equipment repair.

Measuring Silica in the Steam/Water Cycle

The increased efficiency and lower emissions requirements of today’s power plants, coupled with higher operating pressures of modern boilers, means that operators need reliable, accurate silica monitoring more than ever. See how the Hach 5500sc Silica Analyzer provides close monitoring of silica concentrations in critical locations, helping you manage plant efficiency and reduce downtime by avoiding costly plant shutdowns and repairs.

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Hach offers products and services crucial to Power and Steam Generation customers, with the most comprehensive range of coverage for all types of water quality applications for power plants, co-generation, and steam production facilities.

Complete Water Analysis Solutions for Power and Steam Generation

Learn about Hach solutions for laboratory, online and portable products – comprehensive coverage for all types of water quality, from ambient water to ultrapure. Whether your application is routine or challenging, look to Hach for products, service, and support for all power plants, cogeneration and steam production.

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Featured Products for the Power Generation Industry




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