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Oil and Gas Industry

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We understand the high demands of the hydraulic fracturing industry, and the critical role water quality plays in the success of your well. 

Hach® developed one of the first hydraulic fracturing test kits nearly a decade ago and has continued to improve, innovate, and expand testing and monitoring solutions to meet the strict needs of the rapidly developing industry. Backed by more than 85 years of water quality expertise, our portfolio of ruggedly durable and fully portable instruments helps you monitor and analyze source water and produce water flowback on-site for critical contaminants, so you can keep wells high-functioning and minimize your environmental impact.

Supporting our industry-leading instrumentation is a team of highly trained and knowledgeable experts, available for consultation and training where needed. Rely on Hach’s full suite of instruments that go where they’re needed and perform without fail, as well as our proven methods and expert support to help you comply with regulations, proactively address issues, and boost well efficiency.  

Featured Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

Source water

Before you put water into your well, you need to know what you’re introducing into your system, so you can prevent contaminants like sulfate-reducing bacteria from damaging the bore and other equipment. Hach instruments and tests are portable, reliable, and durable enough to stand up to the challenges of on-site monitoring.



Hach provides solutions to analyze both hydraulic fluid and flowback water to ensure proper biological content and turbidity, giving you confidence and compliance for reuse by your operation or wherever needed.


Ensuring the water quality and compliance of tens of thousands of gallons of water requires instrumentation you can depend on for provable, repeatable results. Test for organic and inorganic constituents, putting our ATP test to work to safeguard against post-fracturing contamination of groundwater sources.

Resources for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hach understands how important water quality analysis is to Oil and Gas Industry professionals. So we offer a range of solutions for a wide selection of parameters


Onsite Water Analysis

Hach offers easy-to-maintain on-line instrumentation, accurate laboratory equipment, comprehensive test kits, and high-quality prepared reagents, measuring the broadest range of test parameters in the industry. Find out how how onsite water analysis adds up to improved performance and significant savings

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Hach lab solutions for Oil and Gas applications include the DR3900 Spectrophotometer paired with TNTPlus ™ chemistries, for accurate and easy calibration

Hach Solutions:

Laboratory workplace for Hydraulic Fracturing

The Hach Hydraulic Fracturing Lab bench workplace covers parameters critical to water analysis in oil and gas applications, including source water, fracturing fluid, produced water, flowback water, water treatment, drilling fluids, and enhanced oil recovery.

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EZ Series Analyzers are designed for reliable, continuous, online monitoring of key parameters for industrial and environmental water systems

Product Feature:

EZ Series Online Analyzers for the Oil and Gas Industry

One analyzer platform, designed to deliver an entire range of parameters. Discover how EZ Series technology allows accurate, real-time monitoring of key parameters, in a wide selection of measuring ranges and applications.

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Featured Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

See our water analysis solutions by equipment and parameter:



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