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Product - Data Management

About Data Management  

Hach WIMS, or Water Information Management Solution, is software that combines data from drinking water and wastewater sources in a central, secure database – optimizing water operation and providing the tools needed for electronic and paper reporting, analysis, and monitoring.

The portfolio of products enhance Hach's ability to provide powerful solutions aimed at protecting public health and the environment, meeting compliance requirements, making informed decisions and reducing costs.


Hach WIMS™ - Water Information Management Solution

Hach Water Information Management Solution™
(Hach WIMS™)

Hach WIMS software is designed to make it easy to create your regulatory reports and to optimally manage your operations. Its streamlined reporting, user-defined alerts, powerful charting, graphing and mapping tools help you make more informed decisions. It is designed for drinking water and wastewater systems of any size and can be configured to meet your organization's needs.

Software is available as a monthly, online subscription service or can be purchased for local installation.


Hach LAB Cal - Laboratory Information Management Software

Hach LAB Cal™ – Laboratory Information
Management Software

Hach LAB Cal provides simple and affordable sample scheduling and tracking solution for effective lab data management. The software automatically builds a calendar that shows at-a-glance the status of all samples, tests to be run, chain of custody and more.

Hach LAB Cal


Hach JOB Cal<sup>®</sup> Plus - Computerized Maintenance Management Solution

Hach JOB Cal® Plus – Maintenance
Management Solutions

Hach JOB Cal Plus is a cost effective Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solutions that provides easy-to-set up and easy-to-use maintenance tracking and scheduling for drinking water, wastewater and industrial markets. The software helps you improve the productivity and efficiency of your maintenance department with intuitive screens and easy access to information. Work orders can be created and edited, with all job information stored in a history file. Calendars are automatically updated by the system, providing real-time and accurate information for users. The software also provides inventory tracking, support materials and flexible security options for each user.

Hach JOB Cal Plus


Hach BOD Manager™ Software

Hach BOD Manager™

The Hach BOD Manager software automates data entry and calculations from the HQ40d Meter and LBOD probe, providing improved productivity and data integrity for Biochemical Oxygen Demand testing.

Hach BOD Manager



Hach Universal Data Gateway 1000 – UDG1000™

Process data sources are effortlessly connected with UDG1000 making all data available to the most convenient and cost effective viewing tools like Hach UDG Online Viewer, Hach WIMS Solutions, SCADA systems or Excel. Data is immediately available for reporting, troubleshooting and analysis.

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