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Hurricane Emergency Response Information

Hach is here to help you get back online

In the aftermath of recent hurricanes, we understand how important it is to get your facilities up and running as soon as possible so that your families, communities and businesses can return to normal.

Our service and technical support teams are ready to help get your water analysis systems back into operation. We also have increased stock of the instruments and chemistries known to be most critical in returning your facility to safe operation and compliance, and will treat all hurricane-related orders with priority.

Plant / Instrument Assessments

Hach field service technicians are standing by to be dispatched to perform on-site instrument evaluations. Customers preferring to send instruments in for evaluation by our factory bench team can do so and rest assured our factory-trained experts will work quickly to assess, repair and return instruments as soon as possible.


All customers – regardless of whether or not they have a service contract - can contact technical support to troubleshoot any issues they might be experiencing with Hach equipment. Also, any customer can send an instrument to the bench for repair, or a field service technician can be dispatched to their site. We are ramping up inventories of parts expected to be in high demand.

Instrument replacements

Hach’s emergency response team is increasing our inventory of critical portable, lab and process instruments and related reagents. We are prioritizing order processing and shipping for critical products. Our service teams are ready to provide prompt commissioning and start up in new instruments and our sales team is ready to assist.

Our customer service team is standing by to serve those impacted by the storms.

For prompt, live assistance, call 800-227-4224 and specify that your concern is related to the recent hurricanes.

“We are hearing from our customers that they have been impacted in a wide variety of ways including plant damage from winds and flooding.
Immediate needs vary by facility, but getting drinking water, wastewater and industrial water systems up and running as quickly as possible is critical to the entire community for recovery.”

– Collins King, Divisional Manager, Hach Company

Hurricane support line number