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HIAC 9703+ Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC 9703+, Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC just got easier! Built on the foundation of the world’s best selling liquid particle counter, the new HIAC 9703+ provides user-friendly features that save valuable operator time.
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Throughout our history we have embraced a culture of innovation, reliability and superior customer service. Our ability to adapt to the demands of the market continues to be a genuine strength of the organization.

Excellence and innovation can be found in each of our legacy brands:

ANATEL: Market leader in total organic carbon (TOC) analysis.
  ANATEL TOC Products

HIAC: Innovator of fluid particle applications.
  HIAC Fluid Particle Products

MET ONE: Leader in air particle counting.
  MET ONE Air Particle Counting Products

ORBISPHERE: Premium name in dissolved gas analysis.
  ORBISPHERE Dissolved Gas Products