HQD Portable Meters

The ultimate meter/probe system offering flexibility and ease of use with interchangeable probes. Ideal for facilities with multiple users and testing needs.
All HQD meters feature an advanced yet simple user interface that does not require manuals or training to operate. HQD meters connect with smart Intellical probes and automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history, and method settings to minimise errors and setup time. The durable portable meter and optional rugged probes are designed to withstand years of use in the field.

Choose from 4 models, including the dual-input HQ40D and single-input HQ30D versions. These multi-parameter meters offer the ultimate in measurement versatility - eliminating the need for multiple meters.

Test drive Hach's HQ40d Meter and discover for yourself how easy the interface really is.


HQ40d Meter
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