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HQD Meters / Intellical Probes

HQD benchtop and portable meters with interchangeable smart Intellical probes for laboratory and field measurements
Lost facing the diversity of pH meter models? Looking for a meter that anyone can run successful calibrations? Curious discovering benefits using innovative SMART sensors?

There are dozens of water quality portable pH meters and laboratory pH meters on the market. Based on decades of expertise in water analysis serving our customers, we know you are looking for the best option to meet your specific water testing needs.

• The rugged and durable HQD® portable meters and laboratory meters are designed to give drinking water and wastewater professionals the greatest confidence and flexibility.

• HQD benchtop multi meters and handheld multi meters use interchangeable smart Intellical® probes featuring automatic parameter recognition.

• Intellical probes are offered in a variety of laboratory and field configurations to meet the most demanding applications to accurately measure the following parameters: pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Ammonia, Ammonium, Fluoride, Nitrate, Sodium, and Redox (ORP).

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HQD Portable Meters

Rugged portable meters for use in the field and plant.

HQD Laboratory Meters

Durable benchtop meters for laboratory use.

HQD Intellical Probes

Laboratory and field probes for use with HQD meters.