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Hach WIMS& JOB Cal Expert Services

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System Startup and Implementation Services
Hach WIMS expert services, provided either via the internet or on-site, ensure a smooth and worry-free installation and solution startup. These services provide the technology, team & tools to ensure your system startup and implementation is supported by a knowledgeable team of professionals. Services can be as in-depth as needed and can range from basics with minimal set up and instruction on how to complete the work on your own or can be a full, turn-key implementation. Basic user training is always included to assure you have a good understanding of how your system works and how to continue to expand your system utilization.
Ongoing Services
Expert services can also be an important resource after your system has been operational for a while. Either through training or additional services you can:
• Effectively and efficiently train new employees
• Save more time by automating more reports and data collection processes
• Automate data transfer from SCADA systems and LIMS systems to WIMS
• Empower access to information for users at all levels within your organization
• Implement powerful trending, graphing, and trigger reporting features
• Learn important tips and tricks for administration of your WIMS Solution
Services can be conveniently provided either hourly over the internet or on a daily basis at your site.