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Standard Solutions  

What are Standards?

A standard solution can be used in place of a sample because it contains a known concentration of chemicals or analytes. The analyst can run through a testing process knowing what the final value should be. Standards can be used to establish calibration curves, to determine matrix interferences using standard additions, for control charting, and troubleshooting.


Why use Standards?

When a value is questioned, troubleshooting with standards can quickly pinpoint if, and where, there is a problem. Whether a problem is suspected in the reagents, procedure, instrument, or the analyst, the cause of an inaccurate value can be determined and resolved—saving time and money. Regular use of standards can verify all aspects of a system, and alert an analyst to small problems before the entire process gets out of control.


Assure confidence in analysis results

Stop questioning the results of laboratory tests. Regular use of standard solutions can ensure laboratory process control, increase analyst confidence, and help provide evidence of performance to inspectors, regulators, and clients.

Four Types of Standards  


Single Parameter Standards

Available in a variety of analytes and concentrations, including Voluette Ampule standards to support standard additions procedures for proof of accuracy.

Mixed Parameter Quality Control Standards

Packaged for specific applications and formulated to match the ranges of Hach Methods, so no dilution is necessary.


SpecCheck Standards

Each set of SpecCheck standards contains four vials filled with gels that simulate the test color at various concentrations. These standards provide a quick and easy way to confirm that instruments are operating properly. Standards are available for several popular methods.

Turbidity Standards

StablCal® Stabilized Formazin Turbidity Standards are true Formazin dilutions developed for use in any turbidimeter. Hach prepares StablCal Standards in precise concentrations for conventional turbidimeters.

The Right Standard for You  


Customer Need Intended Use/Feature of Standard Single Parameter Standards Mixed Parameter Standards
Laboratory Maintenance Calibration Curves
Minimum Detection Limits (MDL’s)
Sample Spikes
Program Verification

Confidence Building Technician Confidence
Operator to operator variability
In House QC

Space Savings
No dilutions necessary with Hach Methods
Multiple analytes in one bottle improves efficiency

Technical Support

Hach will help you understand the best use of standards and how to develop a quality assurance program for your laboratory. Visit our website, order the Water Analysis Handbook or call our technical consulting staff with questions.

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