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Since 1947, Hach Company has manufactured and distributed analytical instruments,test kits, and reagents for testing the quality of water and aqueous solutions, with products for lab, process, and field. Our products are designed specifically for quality, accuracy, and simplicity, and today are in use around the world.

This website provides information regarding which parameters are tested in various applications and what reagents and procedures you will need in order to analyze them. We also understand that regulatory issues are a component of the total analysis picture, which is why Hach has more USEPA approved methods than any other supplier! The option to chat with a friendly and knowledgeable Hach associate is just a click away should you have any questions.

A Guide to Hach Reagent Platforms

Hach "single-test" packages provide fresh, consistently formulated reagents in convenient, single-dose quantities. Powder Pillows, AccuVac ampules, Test 'N Tube vials, and TNTplus vials contain pre-mixed and pre-measured quantities of reagent to reduce or eliminate preparation, measuring, and mixing. Reagent formulations are highly consistent and meet strict analytical criteria, with Certificates of Analysis available for every lot.

Reagent Platforms  

SPADNS Flouride Reagent AccuVac® Ampules pk/25 – Hach

AccuVac® Ampules

Potassium Iodide SwifTest™ Dispenser Refill – Hach Prepared Microbiological Media – Hach


Microbiological Media

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Mercury-Free TNTplus HR – Hach

TNT (Test ’N Tube™) Vials

Nitrogen (Total) TNTplus HR – Hach


DPD Free Chlorine Reagent Powder Pillows 10 mL pk/300 – Hach

PermaChem™Powder Pillows

AccuVac® Ampules

Optical-quality, evacuated glass ampules that contain the precise amount of reagent needed for a single test and can be used as the measurement cuvette. Quick, easy, and economical. Snap the tip and the ampule draws in the correct amount of sample.

SwifTest™ Reagent Dispenser

The easy way to dispense chlorine reagents for high volume testing. Just squeeze to add reagent. No need to open containers.

TNT (Test ’N Tube™) Vials (16 mm)

Vial chemistry platform that incorporates PermaChem™ powder technology for economical, easy-to-use methods. The right blend of simplicity and economy.

TNTplus™ Vial Chemistries (13 mm)

Hach’s new spectrophotometers read the vial barcode to automatically select and run the correct method, thus eliminating human error and speeding up analysis. No reagent blank necessary—this saves you time and money.

PermaChem™ Powder Pillows

Prepackaged unit dose reagent with extended shelf life and tightly-controlled weight fill. Our most cost-conscious reagent platform.

Prepared Microbiological Media

Eliminate measuring, mixing, and sterilization.

Titrant Cartridges

Eliminate glass burets, evaporation, and exposure to contaminants. (For use with Digital Titrator.)

Single and Multi-Parameter Standards

Easy-to-use, no dilutions necessary—combined analytes result in increased efficiency. Typical drinking water and wastewater parameters and concentrations.

SpecCheck™ Standards

No preparation necessary. Colored gels are stable for at least two years. Saves time with easy and quick verification of Hach instrument optical performance. Assures consistent measurement in the field or lab, across multiple operators.

Voluette® and PourRite® Ampule Standards

Specific analytes contained in a sealed, glass ampule for easy standard additions accuracy checks. The right way to ensure analytical accuracy. Each ampule is designed for one-time use. Prevents accidental contamination of bulk standard solutions.

Due to the nature of their high purity composition, many Hach chemicals have a fixed lifetime within which they must be used. The shelf life of specific chemicals varies from 3 months to 5 years. All chemicals may be returned with 30-days of receipt for full refund. Some products contain mercury or other hazardous materials. Dispose of these items according to local, state, and federal regulations.