Application - Phosphorus Removal

How It Works  

Tank Clarifiers

Chemical Phosphorus Removal

Phosphorus does not have a gaseous form, so it must be converted from soluble form to particulate form for removal. Chemical phosphorus removal uses iron or aluminum compounds to combine with and precipitate out phosphate.

Biological Phosphorus Removal

Biological phosphorus removal utilizes Phosphate Accumulating Organisms (PAOs). In the anaerobic environment, the PAOs consume volatile fatty acid compounds, while they release phosphate into the water. In an aerobic environment, the PAOs consume more phosphate than they can digest, which results in a net removal of phosphorus from the wastewater. The PAOs settle in the secondary clarifier and are removed when the sludge is wasted.

Chemical and Energy Cost Savings  

Typically in chemical phosphorus removal, the flow weighted average phosphate is used to set a static dose. This will lead to over and under dosing which could waste money and cause a permit violation! Using real-time data to control dosing can significantly reduce the cost of chemical phosphorus removal.

In biological treatment, aeration can be 70% of a plant’s budget because most wastewater treatment plants play it safe by running their blowers full speed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Knowing your real-time phosphate levels is critical to save you money by reducing chemicals or deciding when to turn off the blowers. How would more frequent or real time monitoring help you see the BIG picture?

Product Solutions  

Measurement Solutions – What and How to Measure

Hach provides online instrumentation for real-time continuous monitoring as well as the complete lab solution.

Online Solutions

Phosphate PHOSPHAX™ sc Analyzer
Dissolved Oxygen Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO®) Sensor
Organics UVAS sc Sensor
pH/ORP pH/ORP Sensor
pH pH Sensor
Sludge Level SONATAX sc Probe
Suspended Solids/Turbidity SOLITAX sc SS Wiper

Automatic Samplers

AS950 Samplers

Data Management Software

Hach Water Information Management Solutions

Lab and Portable Solutions

Spectrophotometers DR 1900 | DR 3900™ |
DR 6000™
Colorimeters DR 900 | Pocket II
Dissolved Oxygen LDO® HQd Meters
ORP ORP HQd Meters
pH pH HQd Meter
Suspended Solids/Turbidity TSS Portable
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In the News

TNTplus™ Volatile Fatty Acids

Volatile Acids TNTplus Vial Test (50-2,500 mg/L)

Volatile acids are an important but often neglected parameter for assessing biological treatment.

Simplify testing with a undemanding 10 minute digestion to eliminate cumbersome titration or water bath digestion.