Application - Nitrogen Removal

Nitrogen Removal – How It Works  

Aeration Basin

Nitrogen enters wastewater treatment plants mainly as Ammonia and is typically removed biologically. Using aeration, the nitrification stage utilizes aerobic bacteria to turn Ammonia into Nitrite and then Nitrate. Nitrogen removal happens in the denitrification stage as bacteria consume the Oxygen from Nitrate turning it into Nitrogen gas that escapes into the atmosphere.

Energy cost savings

Aeration can be 70% of a plant’s budget because most wastewater treatment plants play it safe by running their blowers full speed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Knowing your Nitrate and Ammonia levels with seasonal or daily fluctuations is critical to save you money by knowing when to turn off the blowers. How would more frequent or real time monitoring help you see the BIG picture?

Product Solutions  

Measurement Solutions – What and How to Measure

Hach provides on-line instrumentation for real-time continuous monitoring as well as the complete lab solution.

Online Solutions

Ammonia: AMTAX™ sc Analyzer
Ammonium: AISE sc ISE Probe
Dissolved Oxygen: Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO®)
Nitrate: NITRATAX™ sc Sensor
NISE sc ISE Probe
Organics: UVAS sc Sensor
pH/ORP: pH/ORP Sensor
pH: pH Sensor
Sludge Level: SONATAX sc Probe
Suspended Solids/Turbidity: SOLITAX® sc Sensor

Automatic Samplers

AS950 Samplers

Data Management Software

Hach Water Information Management Solutions

Lab and Portable Solutions


Spectrophotometers: DR 6000™ | DR 3900™ | DR 1900
Colorimeters: DR 900 | Pocket II
Dissolved Oxygen: DO HQd Meters
ORP: ORP HQd Meters
pH: pH HQd Meters
Suspended Solids/Turbidity: TSS Portable
Ammonia: Reagents | Standards | Test Kits
BOD: Reagents | Supplies
Dissolved Oxygen: Test Kits
Nitrate: Reagents | Standards | Test Kits
Nitrite: Reagents | Test Kits
pH: Test Kits | pH Buffers
Total Nitrogen: Reagents | Standards
TKN: s-TKN Reagents
Multiple Nutrient Parameters: Reagents

Featured Products

TKN Finally Made Easy!

Simplified TKN (s-TKN™) TNTplus Vial Test (0-16 mg/L N)

Hach's Simplified TKN (s-TKN™) method can help ease the headaches of TKN for under $4 per test.


Economical Continuous Measurement of Nitrate Levels! 

NISE sc ISE Nitrate Probe

With Hach’s CARTRICAL™ technology, the NISE sc ISE Nitrate Probe provides cost-effective trending information and minimal maintenance.