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LDO Sensor

Activated sludge is one of the most widely used wastewater treatment processes available today, and dissolved oxygen is a key parameter for ensuring that the microorganisms vital to a successful process remain viable. Oxygen is introduced into wastewater along with microorganisms to develop a biological floc, which reduces the organic content of the wastewater. The Hach LDO probe applies luminescent technology to continuously monitor dissolved oxygen. The instrument controller can alert staff immediately of any changes in dissolved oxygen levels, and can be integrated with a variable frequency drive or PLC system to control the amount of oxygen injected into the system.

Energy Cost Savings  

Did you know that roughly 70% of the energy costs in your wastewater plant are consumed powering blowers to aerate the wastewater? Many plants aerate 24/7 maintaining a higher dissolved oxygen level than necessary amounting to wasted energy and higher energy costs. With the Hach LDO solution you can save up to $100,000 on your energy costs and see the return on investment in the same year. How would more frequent or real time monitoring help you see the BIG picture?

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Dissolved Oxygen
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Dissolved Oxygen
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