Product - BOD Blank and Sample Preparation

Blank and Sample Preparation  

Blanks, an important quality control, and samples need proper preparation. Rely on Hach inhibitors, seeds, buffers and standards.

Nitrification Inhibitor  

Nitrification Inhibitor for BOD, Formula 2533™, TCMP, 500 g

Formula 2533™, TCMP   35 g | 500 g

  • Used for accurate test results in the presence of nitrification interference
  • Cap dispenser for 35g bottle

BOD Seed Inoculum  

BOD Seed Inoculum, Polyseed, 50 capsules/pk


  • Contains a sufficient population of microorganisms for oxidizing biodegradable organic matter to yield accurate BOD measurements
  • Free of nitrifying microorganisms

Buffer Pillows  

BOD Nutrient Buffer Pillows, 300 mL, 50/pk

Nutrient Buffer Pillows

  • Makes ready-to-use dilution water when added to distilled water
  • Sterile pillows prevent the growth of mold and other organisms for less waste and lost samples


ez GGA - No Pipette GGA, Single Dose BOD Standard, pk/20 2-mL ampules

ezGGA Standards — No pipetting!

  • No more diluting, no more pipetting, and no more guessing; the presence of the ampule serves as quick visual indicator of GGA added to your sample






BOD Standard Solution, 300 mg/L, pk/16 - 10-mL Voluette® Ampules

Single and Mixed Parameter Standards