Product - BOD Measurement and Tracking

Measurement and Tracking  

Get better results and eliminate maintenance with Hach’s no-membrane Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO®) Technology.

HQ40d BOD Measurement Package with LBOD101 Luminescent/Optical Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Probe, with Bottles


Measurement System for BOD

  • Easy-to-use HQd meter and IntelliCAL™ Probe with an integrated stirrer comply with requirements of USEPA-based BOD5 and CBOD testing
  • Increased stability, accuracy, precision, and efficiency
  • Work more effectively with fast, reliable 2-point calibration and stabilization
  • BOD Savings Calculator






Hach BOD Manager™ Software

Hach BOD Manager™ Software

  • Automate data entry and calculations from the HQ40d Meter and LBOD probe
  • Improve BOD productivity and data integrity






BODTrak II Respirometric BOD Apparatus

BODTrak™ II Apparatus

  • Fast results (2 to 3 days) comparable to the dilution method
  • Use measurements for process control or to complement to the dilution method
  • Not approved by the USEPA for NPDES reporting purposes

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