Product - BOD Lab Supply

Bottles and Accessories  

Disposable BOD Bottles, 300 mL, 100/cs

Disposable BOD Bottles

  • EPA Compliant
  • No more time- and energy-consuming cleaning
  • Unbreakable, recyclable, and ready to use
  • Oxygen will not diffuse in or out of sample







Bottle, BOD, 60 mL Capacity, marked 30 mL graduation line

BOD Glass Bottles

  • Flared lip and ground-glass stopper prevent air entrapment and provide a tight seal
  • Frosted marking area for labeling






Brush, Cylinder, 2-in diameter for General Glassware


  • Radial tufted end (2-inch diameter)
  • Heavily filled with black bristles on galvanized wire




Stopcock Grease, 150 gram Tube

Stopcock Grease

  • Used in the BODTrak II Respirometric Method
  • Works with ground glass joints, glass stopcocks, and glass valves
  • Also for sealing desiccators




Bottle Rack, BOD, 12 Bottle

Bottle Rack

  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant wire rack
  • Racks interlock for safe carrying in stacked position
  • Holds twelve 300 mL BOD bottles


Incubator, BOD, Compact, Model 205, 220/240 Vac

Compact Incubator

  • Compact for under-bench installation
  • Digital temperature display with high-limit warning light
  • Holds up to 59 standard, 300 mL BOD bottles (3.1 ft³) or one BODTrak

Ultrapure Water  

Water System, Ultrapure, Millipore® Direct-Q® 3

Millipore Direct Q3 Ultrapure Water System | with UV

  • Ready access to pretreated water, up to 10mL/day
  • Easy installation, intuitive operation
  • Warning alarm in case of sudden drop in water quality
  • Delivers Ultrapure (type I) or Pure (type III) water on demand directly from tap water