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GuardianBlue Event Monitor


GuardianBlue Event Monitor
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The Event Monitor contains Hach's patented water security algorithms and is the brains behind GuardianBlue Early Warning System. It integrates sensor outputs from GuardianBlue's Water Panel and TOC Analyzer. Every 60 seconds the system's patented algorithm analyzes deviations in five water quality parameters and uses the measurements to calculate a site's water quality baseline. The system alarms when the trigger signal exceeds a user-set threshold, indicating a water quality deviation from the system's normal operating baseline parameters.

  • Greatly enhances the detection and classification capabilities of GuardianBlue Early Warning System
  • When combined with the Water Panel, the TOC Analyzer exponentially increases the system's sensitivity to organic chemicals, creating one of the industry's most unique and innovative early warning systems. Total organic carbon is a crucial part of the fingerprint structure
  • Combines chemical and ultraviolet oxidation techniques in a low-temperature reactor to deliver direct TOC measurements
  • Uses a multi-staged UV oxidation reactor and a chemically impervious non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO₂ detector system, assuring full compliance with Standard Methods 5310 C and EPA method 415.1

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