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GLI: All the answers...with the added power of Hach!

GLI logo      3/4 Inch ORP Sensor, Convertible Style, Ryton Body Material, Platinum  Electrode Type, No Temperature Compensation, 15 ft Cable   Convertible Mounting Style Inductive, Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor, Peek Body Material   GLI Model C33 Contacting Conductivity Controller 

Since GLI International joined us in 2002,

Hach has been working to make the integration of the GLI brand seamless to customers. In the tradition of GLI, Hach continues in the design and manufacture of innovative products such as the patented differential pH sensor, which revolutionized pH measurement and has become the industry standard for demanding process applications. GLI and Hach offer a complete line of online systems measuring pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorine and many other parameters.

Now, with the added power of Hach resources and support,

you can still get "All the Answers" you are used to from GLI, but with an enhanced product offering. Check out our new service partnership programs and enjoy the confidence and security of knowing your instruments are well maintained. And count on on-site sales assistance from trained, experienced, focused Regional Sales Representatives.