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Flow Sensors

Flow Sensors
Each of our wastewater flow monitoring sensors has its own specialties and strengths. From powerful non-contact sensors that stay above the flow to limit fouling to rugged submerged AV sensors that don’t mind getting a little dirty, within our portfolio you’re sure to find the perfect sensor to handle your particular flow monitoring challenges.
BL9000 Bubble Level Sensor

The BL9000 Bubbler is a level sensor designed specifically for the FL1500 Flow Logger.

EM950 Sensor for FH950 Handheld Flow Meters

Velocity and/or Depth Sensor for FH950 Handheld Flow Meters

FLO-DAR AV Sensor with optional Surcharge Velocity Sensor

Our most powerful sensor uses Digital Doppler Radar technology to measure velocity and ultrasonic pulse echo to measure level.

FLO-TOTE 3 AV Sensor

This electromagnetic AV sensor measures flow velocity and level with an extremely high-level of accuracy.

Rain Gauge

The Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket is a simple yet highly accurate approach to capture rain event data.

Submerged AV Sensor

Our tried-and-true submerged AV sensor is a robust, 1 MHz Doppler-frequency flow sensor with pressure transducer.

U53 Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensor used with the sc200 Controller.

US9000 Ultrasonic Sensors

Down-looking (standard or with ballast kit) and in-pipe sensors available for excellent non-contact flow monitoring solutions.