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Flow Meters

Flow Meters
This is where it all starts. Our flow meters are the brains of the whole operation. They are the link between collecting superior flow data and conveying it to you in a convenient, reliable, and highly-functional manner. With options for stationary, portable, permanent or temporary usage, you have a choice for every scenario. And from extremely rugged portable loggers designed to handle all the abuse a manhole can dish out to highly connectable stationary controllers, the Hach line of flow meters have been perfected through decades of constant in-field use and innovation. But we aren’t stopping there. We continue to pioneer usage of new technologies, including wireless communications, to make field-worthy, state-of-the-art logging solutions for our industry.
FH950 Handheld Flow Meters

The perfect handheld device for profiling rivers, streams and channels, providing redundant verification of wastewater flow data, or selecting an optimal site for flow metering.

FL1500 Stationary Logger

Thanks to the most flexible sensor options of any Hach logger and up to four sensor ports on the advanced model, the FL1500 Flow Logger delivers versatile sensor options to accommodate your flow measurement applications.

FL900 Flow Logger

With innovative wireless communication options with free data hosting, longer battery life, and plug-and-play sensor ports, the Hach FL900 is designed to reduce your monitoring costs, increase efficiency, and provide better data with less hassle.

FL900AV System

Augment the accuracy of your data from challenging sites by adding an AV9000 Analyzer Module to the Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger. Combined with a Submerged AV Sensor (sold separately), this monitoring system is tried-and-true.