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Lachat Autosamplers

  • Overview
Autosamplers are an integral component of the Lachat QuikChem Flow Injection Analysis system. The autosampler provides accurate and automated sample introduction.

Lachat Instruments’ autosamplers, the ASX280 Series and ASX560 Series serve large and small scale automated sampling needs. The ASX280 is a smaller sampler for low to medium throughput. It holds up to 180 samples and 10 standards/QC's.

The ASX560 is for medium to high throughput sampling needs. It holds up to 360 samples and 16 standards and QC's. The ASX560 is also available with an integrated peristaltic pump for customers who need an additional pump position, but do not need an additional 12 or 16 channel pump.

Both of these samplers come with a carbon fiber single probe.
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