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Registration/Account Questions 

Placing Orders

Requesting Documents

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Registration/Account Questions

  How do I register on the Hach website?

Go to and select LOGIN in the top bar. From there, please click on the orange icon named REGISTER and follow the instructions. Please note, the account number field is optional. Once you are registered, you can view and track orders, adjust recurring orders, save your favorite items, convert quotes to online orders, and visit your Hach Support portal.

  How do I change or reset my password?

To change your password, login with your account information, go to Account information to reset your password.
For password reset, click on “Forgot your login info?” and enter your username for a link to be emailed to you. If you cannot remember your username, please contact customer support at 800-227-4224 or

  How do I adjust my email settings or unsubscribe?

Once you are logged into your account, click on Email Preferences in the footer of the page under Customer Service to unsubscribe/update settings/ or sign up for marketing material.

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Placing Orders

  How do I place an order?

Please see the instructions below.  For a visual step by step guide, please click here.

Orders can be placed by one of four methods.

Phone: 1-800-227-4224 or 970-669-3050


       United States:


Email: for orders shipping to the US for orders shipping to Canada for orders shipping outside the US and Canada

Fax: 970-669-2932


In order for Hach to process the order as quickly as possible, please provide the following information.

  • Complete Billing address.
  • Complete Shipping address.
  • Part numbers and quantities of items being ordered.
  • Quote number if order was quoted.

If the order is over $25,000 Hach will also require the following additional information.

  • Pricing
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Freight terms and INCO term FOB Origin or FCA Shipping Point
  • Required delivery date
  • Vendor name should specify “Hach Company” with the Loveland address:
  • Hach, PO Box 389, Loveland, CO 80539
  • Credit terms of payment. Default payment terms are Net 30.
  • Indicate if order needs to ship complete or if it can ship partial.
  • Tax status
  • Special invoicing instructions

  How do I see my past/current order history, invoices, and order tracking?

Go to the LOGIN at the top of the web page to log in with your Username and Password. Go to “My Orders/Quotes”. You can view all orders placed on this account or you can download as an Excel spreadsheet

  How do I get a tracking number for my delivery?

You can access Order Status in two ways.
(1) Go to “Order Status” at the top of the web page. Enter the order number and zip code used to place the order. You will find the ship date, carrier and tracking # no matter if you placed the order on the web or via phone, mail or email.
(2) Alternately, go to “LOGIN” at the top of the web page to log in with your Username and Password. Select “Your Account” to see “My Orders/Quotes” for all orders on this account and to open an order. From “Your Account”, you can also choose “Order Status” to do a quick look up on a particular order, same as the step above.
Please note that not all carriers are providing tracking numbers. If you cannot find the tracking number, either your order has not shipped or you will need to contact our Customer Service team.

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Requesting Documents

  How do I request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

At the top of the page, under the Support dropdown, select SDS Download. Enter the part number and create a PDF. If the item is not available, please email:
Only on Desktop, you can search and access this information here:

  How do I request a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

Certificates of Analysis (CoA) can be obtained from the Hach website: 

Please enter the Hach product number and the specific lot number of the product requiring a CoA. You can then download the CoA as a PDF file.  If you are still unable to obtain the CoA you need, please email with your request.

  How do I get a copy of an invoice?

Login with your account information. Go to My Orders/Quotes and click on the Invoice Request tab. If you are unable to locate your invoice, please contact customer support at

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Contact Information

  How do I get in touch with my salesperson?

  Where do I find a list of Hach’s distributors?

Go to and select DISTRIBUTORS under CUSTOMER SERVICE  in the footer or follow this link Afterwards, please select the region of interest.

  What happens if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

Contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

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General Information

  How many tests are in my reagents package?

In the Search field at the top of the page, type in the name of the reagent or the product #, if known. Select the appropriate reagent. Product names most often include the number of tests. To confirm, choose the appropriate reagent from the search results. When on the page, select the “Details” tab to see “Number of tests:” in the Specifications section. (Note: Product # may be referred to as article number, part number, product number, item number or SKU.)

  How do I sign up for training?

Click on News & Events to see workshop training, trade shows, virtual training, on-demand webinars, etc.

  Where do I find special promos on the website?

Go to and select PROMOS under NEWS & EVENTS in the top bar or follow this link Any current promotions are outlined there. 

  Where do I find the freight & shipping policy?

Go to and select SHIPPING POLICY under PRODUCT SUPPORT in the footer or follow this link

  Where can I find Hach’s Returns policy?

Go to and select RETURNS POLICY under PRODUCT SUPPORT in the footer or follow this link Hach’s Returns policy is outlined there.

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