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Chemkeys – Reagents for SL1000 – PPA Portable Parallel Analyzer Portable Colorimetric testing with EPA approval for Free and Total Chlorine and Copper tests

Use Hach's Patented Chemkey® Technology with the SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA) for dramatically streamlined water quality testing.

Chemkeys are a new technology from Hach that are designed for use with the SL1000-PPA Portable Parallel Analyzer.

Same Trusted Technology: Chemkey reagents execute the same process steps that you have trusted for decades — now delivered in a simple, self-contained package. All chemicals and processes are entirety contained inside the Chemkey.
Less Hassle: There is no zeroing, no mixing, no shaking, no chemicals or vials to handle. All you have to do is insert the chemkey and let the PPA-SL1000 read you back the results.
Increasing Portfolio: We continue to release new Chemkeys in order to expand the capability and functionality of your SL1000 instrument. Phase I Chemkeys included: monochloramine, free and total ammonia, free and total chlorine, nitrite, copper. Phase II Chemkeys consisted of: orthophosphate, hardness, alkalinity, and dissolved iron. Phase III parameters included: Extended range chlorine (up to 10 mg/L), Combined Free and Total Ammonia (two measurements, one Chemkey), and High Range Hardness. Our most recent release is a pH Chemkey which facilitates hassle-free spot checking in the field.

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