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EZ Series Mercury Analyzers

The EZ Series Online Analyzers offer multiple options to monitor Mercury in water. Typical applications are drinking water, surface water, industrial effluent.

The EZ6000 Series Analyzers use voltammetry to determine Mercury:
- EZ6009 Mercury Hg(II), dissolved
- EZ6100 Mercury Hg(II), dissolved & Arsenic As(III), dissolved
- EZ6207 Mercury, total
- EZ6300 Mercury, total & Arsenic, total
Standard measuring range: 0 - 20 µg/L

Options for all analyzers include:
- Internal dilution
- Multiple stream analysis (1-6 streams) reducing cost per sampling point
- Analog and/or digital outputs for communication

Some applications may require the use of a sampling/filtration or an external dilution system for sample preconditioning. For this option please check the EZ9000 Sample preconditioning page.

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