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The Engineering Design Tool empowers Engineering Consultants to design projects faster with less risk. It is a web based tool to assist in water analytics instrument selection in the design/specification phase of a project.

Available applications: Wastewater treatment; Power Generation; Drinking Water

Result:  It allows you to download a design summary with specifications & drawings for all instruments in a single file.


  • The Engineering Design Tool offers a process overview  indicating parameters & measuring points in each process area/application.
  • There is application specific instrument guidance for each parameter.
  • Designs include only the process areas and parameters you choose.
  • It allows you to design the entire analytic system with options to label each instrument using  names/tags from your own design.
  • It supports you in designing the controller architecture for all instruments.


  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Free of charge
  • Create you own account:
  • Save, edit, copy all of your designs.