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DREL Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis Lab

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Offering on-site results in an easy-to-use, rugged, portable lab, Hach’s Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis Kit covers parameters critical to water analysis in oil and gas applications, including source water, fracturing fluid, produced water, flowback water, water treatment, drilling fluids, and enhanced oil recovery. Parameters include Alkalinity, Bacteria (Iron-Related, Sulfate-Reducing, and Slime-Forming), Barium, Chloride, Conductivity, Hardness (Total as CaCO3), Hardness (Calcium as CaCO3), Iron (Total as Fe), pH, Sulfide and Sulfate.

Additional parameters, such as Boron, Silica, Chlorine, and Manganese, as well as other products suited for fracing applications, may be added as needed. See "Similar Products" tab for details.

  • Real-time Decisions
  • A Complete Field Laboratory
  • Proven Methods Designed for Hydraulic Fracturing Water Applications
  • Test What You Need

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