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Disinfection By-Products and Human Health (Paperback)

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For engineers, chemists, and public health professionals working on the front lines of drinking water issues, this book provides a pragmatic assessment of the current evidence and emerging issues concerning disinfection by-products (DBPs) and human health.
The content is based on contributions from speakers who participated in May 2011 workshops on Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) and Human Health at Ozwater 11 in Adelaide, Australia or at an AWA sponsored workshop at the Curtin Water Quality Research Centre, Perth, Australia.

Table of Contents includes: Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) as a Public Health Issue, Research Overview, Regulatory History, and Current Worldwide Status of DBP Regulations and Guidelines, Managing DBPs Under Challenging Conditions, a Utility Water Manager's Perspective, Halogenated DBPs and Emerging Issues, Nitrogenous DBPs, Formation, Control, and New Frontiers, Nitrogenous DBPs in Drinking Water, Toxicity, Regulation, Analysis, Occurrence, and Control, NDMA and Other N-Nitrosamines, Health Risk Assessment, and Management, Recent Novel DBPs Halogenated benzoquinones, Mutagen X, an Extremely Potent Mutagen, Its Toxicology, and Human Health Risk Assessment, Toxicological Evaluation of Experimental Data That Informs the Magnitude of Cancer Risk from DBPs, Epidemiological Inference and Evidence on DBPs and Human Health, and Concluding Thoughts on DBPs, Water Quality, and Public Health Risks.