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Deposit & Surface Analysis Test Kit, 25 Tests

Product #: DSA-25C
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The Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA) test kit from LuminUltra provides you with a real-time measurement of total attached (sessile) biomass via 2nd Generation ATP technology. DSA can be used for any kind of surface, media or deposit, including biofilms, slimes, and biologically active filters. Save time through on-the-spot testing and remediation of microbiological contamination as a compliment to your existing measurement practices. The DSA test kit pairs with the PhotonMaster™ luminometer and LumiCalc™ software for seamless data acquisition and interpretation.

  • Detect total attached biomass in any process.
  • Advanced 2nd Generation ATP Technology.
  • Real-time, portable, and easy measurement system.
  • Designed for any type of biofilm or media.
  • Includes interpretation guidelines for most common applications.