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UDG1000 - Universal Data Gateway

Hach Universal Data Gateway 1000 - Hach UDG1000™ Software - automatically collects process data from multiple sources and stores the raw data in a secure database. The data can be consolidated for efficient export to convenient and cost-effective viewing tools like Hach UDG Online Viewer, Hach WIMS solutions, SCADA systems or Excel. The data is immediately available for troubleshooting, compliance and analysis. The solution is scalable: Buy additional collectors for non-Hach instrumentation as needed. The Hach UDG1000 Online Viewer yearly subscription provides an easy way to view and analyze your data. One year of technical support is included and optional startup services are available.

Easy data access to raw data for export and analysis
Automatic detection of data sources starts data collections without delay
Leverage your investment in smart probes by utilizing all the data the probes provide
Acquire, view and utilize data without SCADA
Buy what you need now, expand later
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