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Claros™ Collect

Hach® Claros Collect software - Accurate field data collection made simple – part of Claros™- The Water Intelligence System.

Claros Collect allows you to use your web enabled devices to manually enter data. It validates your data at the source of collection by triggering alerts when values are outside an expected range. Claros Collect eliminates the need for manual paper forms. Once data is entered, it is immediately available to everyone - reducing transcription errors and time spent waiting for data. This enables teams in the field and in the office to be aware of potential water quality changes immediately and make decisions faster with instant data availability.

- Data can be collected whether a network is available or not. In the event of non connectivity, data collected from the field is saved on the device until a connection is available and data is synced and consolidated in the central Claros database.- Access your data anytime, anywhere from a variety of devices, including a smart phone, tablet or computer. All data is consolidated, organized and available for immediate analysis via spreadsheets and graphs.- Add and review lab and field data. Claros Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) customers can also compare and trend process values with their lab and field data.

Claros Collect will turn your data into powerful operational insights. Eliminate uncertainty, increase confidence. Welcome to the Power of Claros.
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