Hach Products Meeting American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Buy American Requirements for Water Quality Analytics

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Hach Company is prepared to support ARRA (stimulus) projects by providing you with the highest quality products for your Drinking Water and Wastewater projects.

Important Information

Due to Hach’s extensive portfolio, we are unable to list all products that you may be interested in. If you need a product
that is not listed below, please contact us to determine if that product meets Buy American requirements.

HACH ARRA HOTLINE: (800) 227-4224 and press #6171
Email us at ARRA@hach.com
Please note: When requesting a quote or placing an order related to ARRA, please specify that a "Buy American" product is needed.

Key Products

The following best-selling products can meet the Buy American requirements when requested:

Sigma SD900 Portable Sampler
Sigma SD900 Refrigerated Sampler
Sigma SD900 All-Weather Refrigerated Sampler
Sigma 900 Max Portable Sampler
Sigma 900 Max Refrigerated Sampler
Sigma 900 Max All-Weather Refrigerated Sampler
Chlorine CL17 Chlorine Analyzer
Conductivity Contacting Conductivity Sensor
Inductive Conductivity Sensor
Controller Hach sc200 Controller
Dissolved Oxygen Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (Hach LDO®) Probe
ORP/pH ORP Sensor and GLI P53 Controller
pHD Differential pH Sensor and GLI P53 Controller
Particle Counting 2200 PCX Particle Counter
Source Water
Source Water Monitoring Panel
Turbidity 1720E Low Range Process Turbidimeter and sc200 Controller
Surface Scatter 7 sc High Range Turbidimeter with sc200 Controller
FilterTrak 660 sc Laser Nephelometer Sensor with sc200 Controller
Water Distribution
Water Distribution Monitoring Panel GuardianBlue® Early Warning System

For questions about additional products that may meet the requirements, call 800-227-4224 and press #6171.