Quote FAQs

Receiving a quote through the Web site can be an easy way to get pricing and help with approvals for your order.  Here is what you can expect for requesting a quote through the Hach web site:

    Not all our products have a price.  Many are complex and fit specific applications.  If you find a product that is not priced, you can request a quote and we will follow up with you to provide that price.  The web site will not show you a price once the quote is submitted however, but a Hach representative will follow up with you within one (1) business day.  If you would like to see pricing on certain products or find specific products on the site, please use this form to let Hach know and we will look into those products.
    Whether your products have a price or no price, once you submit a quote for those items, you will receive a confirmation email from Hach.  This email will present your list of products and the same price as was presented on the shopping cart.   If you product did not have a price, a Hach representative will contact you about your specific need to provide you the right price.  If your quote has all priced items, you can use that email to request approval from your approving manager if needed. 
    Already have approval on your web quote and ready to buy?  You can log back into the Hach web site, lookup your quote and convert the entire list of products or specific part numbers to the shopping cart for quick checkout.
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    Currently the Hach Web site does not provide taxes and shipping on quotes.  Because some of our items are not priced and could not be calculated into the shipping and taxes, we do not want to present inaccurate estimates to our customers.  If you require follow-up on your Website Quote, simply select "YES" on the last step of Quote Checkout for a Hach Representative to follow-up with you.
    Have a PO or internal number you would like to tie to your Website quote request?  Enter it on the last step of quote checkout for easy lookup on your quote history under My Account on hach.com.