Hach’s New LDO® Probe, Model 2 for Measuring Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

HACH LDO® Model 2, Optical Process Dissolved Oxygen Probe

The NEW LDO PROBE from Hach builds on our breakthrough luminescent technology pioneered back in 2003. With this next generation LDO probe, we want you to take “NO” for an answer when measuring your DO (dissolved oxygen).

  • No Calibration Required
    • Ready to go right out of the box, with no calibration needed for the entire 2 year life of the probe
  • No Membranes to Replace
    • The luminescent technology being used requires no membranes, no electrolyte solution, and no anodes or cathodes
  • No Missed Cleaning Cycles
    • Customizable service indicator triggers keep you aware of when a cleaning cycle is needed
  • No Drift
    • A cutting-edge 3D calibration done at the factory makes oxygen measurement with the probe more accurate than ever before
  • No Complications
    • A new design means enhanced durability and a reduced size for easier handling

The luminescent dissolved oxygen technology being used by the New LDO probe has been fully approved by the EPA for reporting purposes! Method 10360 has recently been added to the Federal Methods Update Rule (MUR).

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