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Choosing Your Hach Chemistry Platform

With over 60 years of experience, Hach instruments and chemistries are designed to work together. Using both, ensures accurate results the first time, every time. Don’t compromise your results by using anything else. And, Hach has developed more EPA-approved methods than any supplier!

See our list of popular chemistry platforms below along Hach's TNTplus. Also, you can browse our chemistries, reagents, and standards category for all available chemistries.

  NitraVer® 5 Nitrate Reagent Powder Pillows, 5 mL, pk/100 DPD Free Chlorine Reagent, Swiftest™ Dispenser Refill Vial, 250 Tests Test 'N Tube SPADNS 2 (Arsenic-free) Fluoride Reagent AccuVac® Ampules, pk/25 TNTplus
Features&Benefits Permachem™
Powder Pillow
Reagent Dispenser
(Test'N Tube™)
AccuVac® Ampule TNTplus™ Chemistries
Easy to Use          
Just add sample and test    
No reagent measuring
No reagents to handle or spill
Damage resistant packaging      
Get Results Fast          
Automatic selection of test method via barcode        
No sample cell preparation or clean up    
Accurate Results          
Fingerprints and scratches eliminated through measurement*        
*When used with Hach DR 6000, DR 3900, or DR 28000 Spectrophotometer

TNTplus Chemistries

How TNTplus works

How TNTplus Works

  1. Barcode Recognition
    Eliminate human error with automatic method and wavelength detection.
  2. Reference Detector
    Monitors and compensates for optical fluctuations.
  3. 10X Measurement and Outlier Elimination
    As the vial rotates, any scratches, soil, and flaws on the glass are detected— and these measurement outliers are rejected.
  4. Self-Contained Packaging—Reagents Inside Sealed Cap
    Reduces exposure to chemicals—no need to open pillows or clean glassware.

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