Graduated Cylinders

Class A Graduated Cylinders

Class A volumetric glassware provides the highest accuracy. Class A volumetric glassware complies with the Class A tolerances defined in ASTM E694, must be permanently labeled as Class A, and is supplied with a serialized certificate of precision. All Class A volumetric glassware is actually glass; volumetric plasticware is not eligible for Class A status.

Glass Graduated Cylinders Including Class B and Student Use

General glass graduated cylinders. These do not include a Class A certification. This category does include Class B and student grade graduated cylinders. These are usually a more economical option.

Plastic Graduated Cylinders

Plastic graduated cylinders for applications where glass is not recommended. Includes autoclavable, shatterproof, and food and beverage specific products.

Depending on its type and design, volumetric glassware may be rated To Contain (TC) or To Deliver (TD). A vessel marked TC contains the amount specified when it is filled to the graduation line. A vessel marked TD delivers the amount when it is filled to the graduation line and emptied using the proper procedure. The difference arises because of drainage holdback error. For example, volumetric flasks are rated TC. If you fill a 500 ml volumetric flask to the graduation line, it contains exactly 500 ml of solution (within its tolerance). If you empty that flask into another container, a bit less than 500 ml will transfer. That's because some of the solution remains in the flask, wetting its inner surface.

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Cylinder, Graduated, 100 mL +- 0. 6 mL, 1.0 mL divisions (white markings)
Cylinder, Graduated, 100 mL
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Cylinder, Graduated, 100 mL
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