Hach BioTector B3500c TOC Analyzer

Maximum uptime and reliability for TOC analysis in clean water applications

Using patented technology, only requiring scheduled maintenance every 6 months, allowing for dual stream monitoring, and being roughly 1/3 the size of the competition, the Hach BioTector B3500c is the most reliable system available for TOC analysis in condensate applications, with the lowest cost of ownership.

Key benefits include:

  • Worry-free TOC-With a patented Two Stage Advanced Oxidation Technology system, the B3500c provides you with maximum reliability and uptime, without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership-Requiring you to replenish reagents, replace the pump tube, and calibrate only twice a year, the Hach BioTector B3500c has the lowest operating cost available.
  • Small Footprint = Critical Wall Space Savings-With one of the most compact analyzer footprints, this analyzer frees up wall space for other needed instruments.
  • Reagent Costs that Don't Kill the Bottom Line- By only needing to replenish reagents every six months, you will see direct bottom line savings in comparison to other systems requiring bi-weekly or monthly replacements.
  • One Instrument for Multiple Streams-Providing the ability to monitor two streams at the same time, eliminates the double-cost of needing two separate analyzers.

Technology Comparison


  TSAO (BioTector) Thermal UV Persulfate
Calcium and salt Causes no impact with chlorides up to 30% and calcium up to 12%. Leads to analyzer failure due to collection of un-oxidized particulates in the furnace. Reduces persulphate oxidation potential with concentration as low as 0.05%
Algae growth Does not impact the analyzer due to automatic self-cleaning feature. Collects in the sample system, leading to plugging.
Microfilters and pre-filter systems Eliminates the need for filtering due to 3.2mm sample tubes which handle up to 2 mm particulates. Requires filtering to prevent plugging of very small sample tubes (0.5 mm) and microsyringes. Requires filtering to prevent plugging of very small sample tubes and micro-slider valves.
Oils, fats and greases Self cleans in approximately 12-24 minutes. Must shut down analyzer to clean and maintain regularly. Loses measurement for approximately 12-24 hours.
Measurement drifts Allows a 6-month calibration interval due to TSAO method and high quality build. Requires calibration every 2-3 days due to furnace buildup and IR bench contamination. Requires calibration every 2-3 days due to UV light source scaling that causes incomplete oxidation and drift.
Automatic self-cleaning capability Includes automatic self-cleaning of the reactor and sample system with every reaction. Not available. Requires analyzer to be offline for 1 hour for manual cleaning.