HIAC 9703+ Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC just got easier!

Fixed Volume, Micropipette, 20 µl

Built on the foundation of the world’s best selling liquid particle counter, the new HIAC 9703+ provides user-friendly features that save valuable operator time.

Key Features:

  • Use less sample – industry’s smallest tare volume
  • Enjoy more walk away time – automated cleaning routines
  • Preconfigured compendial test recipes for injectable drugs, ophthalmic solutions and inhalants
  • Bubble and sensor contamination alarms eliminate uncertainty from data anomalies

Preconfigured Compendial Test Recipes:

  • USP<788>
  • USP<789>
  • KP
  • EP
  • JP
  • Inhalents

With comprehensive local and on-site programs providing turn-key SOP and IQ/OQ validation services, customers can be assured that the HIAC instrument is ready-to-use straight out-of-the-box. The instrument diagnostics will even notify the customer when new regulatory updates become available or the instrument is due for calibration or routine service.

Sample Flow Rate

10 to 100 ml/min; Actual flow rate for the system is determined by the sensor’s flow rate with step-by-step instructions and Pass/Fail results.

Tare Volumes for Probes

0.091 ml for 81 L X 1.2 ID mm (3.2 X 0.047 inches)
0.172 ml for 154 L X 1.2 ID mm (6.1 X 0.047 inches)
1.57 ml for 140 L X 6.35 ID mm (5.5 X 0.25 inches) - large bore

Standard Sensors       Range  
HRLD-150 1.3 µm to 150 µm
HRLD-150JA 1.3 µm to 150 µm (chemical compatibility)
HRLD-400 2 µm to 400 µm
HRLD-600JS 2 µm to 600 µm (chemical compatibility)

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