Problem Solved

 In the dark about the condition of your equipment?


Shed some light by having Hach perform a Certified Assessment on your Hach water analysis equipment.

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Limited Time Offer

Get a Hach Certified assessment of your equipment for free. A Hach service representative will come on-site for up to 4 hours and perform an assessment* of your water analysis process/lab equipment from Hach.

By the end of the assessment you will have peace of mind that:

  • Your equipment is operating correctly
  • Your equipment is being properly calibrated
  • Your equipment is being properly maintained
  • Your equipment doesn’t need any repairs

Your Assessment Includes:

  • Online analyzers and controllers as well as lab spectrophotometers, lab turbs and meters and probes.
  • Non-Hach equipment can be assessed upon request.
  • Detailed report at the completion of your assessment.

Exclustions & Other Terms

  • Exclusions -does not include calibrations, validations or any repairs.
  • Any additional work will be quoted.
  • If the assessment will take more than 4 hours, any additional labor will be billed at the standard Hach rate.