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View the following video tutorials to learn more about our new and improved website!

New Website Header

The header of the new website you will find the login button and contact information including Live Help. Use the login button to enter your username and password as it was on the previous site. You also can reset your password or register. Once you log in, the following information is displayed:

  • Account number
  • Registered Account Name


The address book has been changed from the previous site to create an improved user management. Here are the following changes:

  • Addresses are assigned and managed only during checkout.
  • You can create and edit your addresses during checkout.
  • You can view all shipping addresses or your most popular shipping addresses.
  • Use search for an address when viewing all company addresses.

Checkout Process

This tutorial shows an example of the "order checkout" process, however, the quote checkout, scheduled order checkout operates in the same manner. There are now three to four simplified steps (depending on your type of checkout chosen).

  • Step one includes adding contact information and changing/updating products in the cart.
  • Step two selects billing and shipping addresses including the creation and editing of addresses.
  • Step three of the order checkout includes shipping and freight selections.
  • Step four of order checkout will present final confirmation before submitting your order.
  • An order confirmation page will be presented. Use the print icon in the upper right to open a PDF of the confirmation page for your records.


There is no longer a "Download Resources" link to find manuals, software, and other supporting downloads. However, you will find downloads associated on the product page.

  • Go to the product page and view the “Downloads” tab.
  • Use the site search and view the downloads section

Any downloads associated with the product or search will be presented including manuals, datasheets, software, applications notes, engineering documents, and more. If a download tab is not present on the product page then no referencing documents are available.

Product Page

Product pages have been designed with tabs for easier product information browsing. Some of the new features and tabs found on the product page include:

  • An image gallery with multiple photos (where available)
  • Expected shipping time for products
  • Details tab presents more product information including specifications
  • Parameter/reagent tab explains shows related parameters and related reagents
  • Downloads tab shows related documentation and downloads for the product.
  • Similar products or accessories tab shows other products related to the shown product.


Find support information throughout the site including Live Help, Contact Us, and the Support menu to find pages on our website such as MSDS sheets and information guides. If you like to receive support by phone, click the "Contact Us" link in the header to find a number in your region for further assistance.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is similar to the previous site with a few changes to help you with your checkout:

  • Save items for later: Move items in your shopping cart you don’t want to check out with to the save for later tab. When you ready to order your saved items, move them to the shopping cart.
  • Click the product name link to view a quick description in your shopping cart.
  • Quickly add more products to your cart and view available service products for items in your cart.

Search Functionality

Searching is now more powerful than the previous site. New features include:

  • Faster search results
  • Narrow results by product type, price, parameter, etc.
  • View downloads and related information including documents, web pages, events, etc.
  • Sort results by bestsellers, name and price
  • Easier pagination through search results