EPA Approves Hach LDO Method 10360

The luminescent dissolved oxygen method utilizing the technology Hach pioneered in 2003 is now fully EPA approved for measurement of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5), Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO). Hach's LDO process and lab probes, as well as BOD tests conducted with Hach's HQd meter platform can now be used for reporting purposes when following this newly approved method.

LDO technology eliminates the reliability and maintenance concerns inherent in older DO membrane instruments, making it ideal for both daily operations at water and wastewater facilities as well as long-term deployment in environmental water monitoring applications. Compared to electrochemical sensors, the total cost of ownership is reduced due to lower maintenance costs and the long-lasting sensor design.

Hach products using LDO technology include IntelliCAL field and laboratory probes for use with the HQd line of meters; Hach LDO process probes for use with sc200 Universal Controllers; Orbisphere LDO portable measuring instruments; and Hach Hydrolab multiparameter sondes.

HQ30d Portable Meter Package with LDO101 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe
HQ40d Portable Meter Kit with LBOD101 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Probe for BOD Measurement HQ30d Portable Meter Package with LDO101 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe
$2050 $1491


LDO EPA Approval Map
  Approved - No data needed
  Approved with Performance Data* - Est. total time 2-8 Lab hrs/ 30-90 days
  Tier 1 Submission