Construction Site Turbidity Testing

Stormwater runoff is one of the leading causes of water pollution across the country. Construction activities can have a detrimental impact on the environment since disturbed soil containing pollutants is often carried off the construction site during storm events, entering nearby water bodies.

The EPA’s Effluent Limitations Guidelines PDF for the construction industry call for sampling stormwater discharges and analyzing for turbidity.

The Hach 2100Q portable turbidimeter meets this challenge head-on with its portable, rugged design and simple-to-use verification process.

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Construction Resources

EPA Rule

The EPA is working on establishing effluent limitations measured by turbidity New Window, along with several sediment control standards for limiting “discharge of pollutants from construction sites”.

NOTE: EPA has retracted the 280 NTU limit and is currently re-evaluating the rule to determine a new numeric limit. Many states have already established their own limits for stormwater turbidity.

2100Q in Action

Construction professionals trust the Hach 2100Q portable turbidimeter for fast, precise readings that can be taken right on site and stored for future reference. Read about one of Hach’s customers, the Washington State Department of Transportation, and how they use the portable turbidimeter to monitor their construction sites statewide.

Read WSDOT's Case Study PDF

Easy to Test and Report Turbidity Levels

The 2100Q portable turbidimeter is made for ease of use on your construction site. Simple calibration, rapidly settling sample accuracy, and ease of capturing data are some of the reasons construction professionals trust the Hach 2100Q for daily testing.

Standard Operating Procedure for Permits

Request information as your state builds its permit language around the EPA rule.