Hach’s Toolkit for a ‘Spend It or Lose It’ Budget World

So as your budget year-end is quickly approaching, you're probably asking yourself "is my facility positioned for a successful 2013?" Because in the "Spend It or Lose It" budget world we all live in, you have to make sure you are setting next year up to come in at or under budget. Upgrading current lab instruments, replacing obsolete instruments used for compliance monitoring, proactively replacing electrodes, or stocking up on sure-to-be-used chemistries or solutions* today, will let you breathe a bit easier if 2013 throws you some budget challenges.

At Hach, we know how unpredictable your year can get, and we want to make sure you don't have to sacrifice quality if budgets get tight later on. So download our Budget Planning Toolkit to make sure you have an immediate Yes answer to the question "is my facility positioned for a successful 2013?"

* Most Hach chemistries and solutions have up to 1 year expiration time frames, when stored in cool temperatures with minimal sunlight.

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