Ballast Water Monitoring Solution


During ballast water exchange thousands of aquatic organisms are transported across the world and discharged into ports are harbors where they become invasive species and negatively impact the aquatic ecosystems. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) developed guidelines that, once approved, will require the use of ballast water treatment systems to minimize the transport of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens around the world.

Hach is the global leader in water quality monitoring and offers a suite of solutions for ballast water monitoring. We continue to work closely with the maritime industry to develop instruments that meets the needs of ship owners and operators, ship builders, Port State Control officers, Flag State agents, and other regulatory stakeholders who are impacted by IMO regulations.

With on-line and portable products that are low maintenance, easy to use, and ruggedized for marine applications, Hach has a ballast water solution to fit your compliance needs.

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