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See how Hach is reinventing Drinking Water Analysis to save you time and money,
reduce non-revenue water, and produce the highest quality product.

NEW! AT1000

One-touch, automatic titrator that uses pre-set functions to eliminate complex programming and provide accurate results.

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5500sc Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer

Provides all the information you need to eliminate nitrification events and taste and odor issues, giving you total confidence in your process.

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SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer™ (PPA)

Dramatically streamlines water quality testing. With faster testing, less variability and less hassle, you’ll get reliable results quickly and easily.

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DR 1900™ Portable Spectrophotometer

With over 220 preloaded methods and the analytical performance of a spectrophotometer, you can generate lab quality results in the field.

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DR 900 Colorimeter

Improves on the popular 800 Series with user-friendly features, including a simple way to store your favorite methods and an easy-to-use menu-based interface.

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Lumin Ultra Atp

Assess biological activity in real time with a rugged, low-cost and portable luminometer that allows you to quickly measure Adenosine Triphospahte (ATP).

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QbD1200 Labortory Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Outstanding analytical performance, only a 90-minute calibration routine, and a large color touch screen interface for fast and simple setup. TOC, simpler.

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5500sc Phosphate Analyzer

Utilizes the latest technology to
deliver reliable results and save you critical time — all with less effort than ever before.

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IntelliCAL® Red Rod

Accelerates testing and improves stability. Get faster, more accurate and reproducible measurements, even when dealing with difficult testing scenarios.

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Pocket Pro Tester

Measures key parameters in a broad range of water applications. Engineered to deliver accurate results and designed for easy field use.

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Makes TOC testing simple and affordable. This is a great solution to test TOC intermittently for process control.

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