Drinking Water Resources

Drinking Water Overview A brief overview of everything to do with Drinking Water from Hach. Includes information on Lab, Online, Portable, and Service Solutions.
Titration Has Never Been This Simple Discover easier titration with the Hach AT1000 Titrator Series.

The Importance of Measuring Total Organic Carbon
Learn about the reasons for measuring TOC in municipal drinking water as well as how to prevent damage to your instruments.

Control of Active Chlorine Disinfection By-Products of Drinking Water Using the THM Plus Method
Find out how the THM Plus Method using the DR3900 helps to reduce water analysis costs, as well as making analysis faster and easier.
Chlorine Method for UKAS Accreditation and DWI Compliance at Welsh Water The Hach Pocket Colorimeter II is changing the way that drinking water is tested by improving trueness, precision, and limits of detection.

Your Trusted Partner for Drinking Water Analysis
Explore how Hach's Online Solutions can help you. Includes information on Turbidity, Online PH, Disinfection, Organics, Nitrates, and Sludge Monitoring.
Disinfection in Drinking Water: Choosing the Right Chlorine Analyzer for Your Application Hach is using the best Chlorine Analyzers to make drinking water analysis more accurate and efficient.

Control of Drinking Water Clarifiers
Hach's Sonatax Sludge Level Probe is making monitoring Sludge easier as well as assisting in the removal of Sludge.

Fresh Buffers For Every Calibration
 Investigate how to use pH Buffers efficiently to save money and improve quality. 

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