Our story

Our Story

Way back in 1947, Clifford and Kitty Hach invented a whole new way to think about water analysis. Armed with an advanced understanding of analytical chemistry and a passion to make a difference, our founders set out to simplify water analysis. More than 60 years later, everything Hach does is still focused on that same goal to help you manage your water.

As Clifford and Kitty saw it, nothing should get between water analysts and their consistent, accurate results. The Hachs were determined to make the whole process better so customers could get to their results faster, more easily, and with more information. All of these improvements to water analysis have added up to one thing – helping you be more confident in your results.

Now Hach offers more products, more chemistries, more services and more software to help you with your facility’s water analysis. Our Customer Service group is trained and ready to help you with your questions. And our team of Application Development Managers and Technical Support experts are considered the best in the business – turning complex situations into solutions tailored to your water needs.

At Hach, this is what we do. It’s that simple.

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